Brace yourself ladies…. its officially boob sweat season…….

TIS the season for boob sweat!  Yes, you heard that right its Boob Sweat Season and in celebration of this Boob Sweat season I need to tell you about Boobalicious an all natural breast deodorant boob-deodorantfor this specific problem.

Boobalicious was an idea the summer of 2011 when I was working in retail and I had that awful boob sweat and not to mention an odor coming from in between my breast.  The girls were not happy that day and I said “I know what I need to do to save the girls from boob sweat and I will create an all natural product for us girls and call it Boobalicious”.

When I created this formula I knew I had to make it with love and care thinking of how sensitive our skin is in this area of our female body.  I did research on every organic and natural ingredient available to make sure I would want those ingredients on my body and yours.

Boobalicious was an idea to make my girls happy and it came to reality in 2012 when I sold Boobalicious in a local farmer’s market shop and it was a hit.  Since then Boobalicious has grown and we now have a lot of happy girls during this season of Boob Sweat.

Boob Sweat was never really much of a topic in 2011 as when I goggled boob sweat there was a page or two on the topic and now in 2019 when you google boob sweat it goes over 20 pages and then some,  all I can say is Wow! This is a topic with us girls and we are no longer embarrassed to talk about the issues boob sweat can cause us.  Not only do our customers get boob sweat they also might have rashes underneath the breast or even odor.  But don’t worry about odor as I thought about that too when I was creating the formula.  I added multiple fun scents like Lickable Lemons, Crazy Cocounts, Perky Peppermints and also Udderly Unscented for the girls allergic to fragrance.  Let me tell you the fresh scents of Boobalicious works with that sour odor we get.

I hope all you girls have a great boob sweat season with Boobalicious, so stay dry and celebrate the girls this summer!

You can purchase Boobalicious at, Amazon or Etsy


J 🙂

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