Tips On Preventing Boob Sweat This Summer

A Few Tips For My Fellow Boob Sweaters – Boob Sweat Solution


It’s officially boob sweat season and boy my girls our definitely feeling it already.

The struggle is real and I would like to share a few tips for my fellow boob sweaters out there.


  1. My number one go to is Boobalicious Breast Deodorant as I put on every morning under and between my breast and this is a natural product to help prevent half the sweat as it is important not to clog our pores. The main reason we created this product was for this specific problem area.
  2. Synthetic materials don’t breathe so you might want to not wear your bras that are made of polyester and rayon as they trap heat. You might want to wear bras that are made out of cotton or mesh for the summer months.
  3. Powder is also a solution to put under your breast but always go with the natural products as there is plenty out there. Lush would be a good one to try for this
  4. If you are just getting out the shower you can put a towel around your boobs as I’m sure you heard of the Ta Ta Towel for boob sweat. You just don’t want to go on a date just wearing the Ta Ta Towel so make sure you put your Boobalicious in your purse and you can always put on any time of the day as needed.
  5. Body wipes can come in handy to give the girls a quick wipe.
  6. If you really want to give the girls a breather ditch the bra all together.
  7. Wear loose and light attire when going out for the day.
  8. Boobalicious also can help with masking any kind of odor as it comes in a few great scents.


I hope you find these tips helpful for the girls and to all of us girls with the struggle of boob sweat “Let’s have a Boobalicious Summer!”‘