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Boobalicious was just an idea one hot summer day when I was working in a boutique due to me being laid off from my job I was waiting on customers and I had that awful boob sweat not to mention body order coming from my breast ewh, in that moment I said to my co-worker that I was going to make a natural deodorant and call it Boobalicious!

I talked about Boobalicious for months before my husband told me to stop talking about it and just do it !!   I ran upstairs to my office and started doing research on natural ingredients and read about everyone to make sure I would want to put that on my body as well as my future customers   By the summer of 2012 I was selling Boobalicious on Etsy and local stores in Rehoboth Beach, DE   Boobalicious was paying for bills at the time until I found a full time job.

Before I knew it Boobalicious was being recognized by Allure Beauty, CosomoPH, Refinery 29, Blogs, UK Daily News as you can imagined I was so excited to see all the exposure but I had to put on a hold focusing on Boobalicious as two of my three children were facing addiction and mental illness   all of my energy went to my children at this time so all my sales went to pay for their recovery.

Boobalicious is so much more than a natural deodorant it reminds me every day how Boobalicious helped me financially help my children in their addiction on getting the help they needed. .  Booblaicious will be donating 3 percent of proceeds to help families to take away the stress and financially burden of their loved one.  Right now we are working with Miracles Do Happen in Delray, FL and will pay for travel expenses and one months rent to help your love one to recovery.

This is where Boobalicous was created for a purpose!  I am in the process working with Millie in creating a charity called Miracles Do Happen.  I am going to donate three percent of all my sales and if anyone else wants to donate they can inquire when I have the charity up and running.

What we would like to do is help other families that are in financial need to help their child get the help they need and deserve.  We will pay for the airfare to get your child to Miracles Do Happen (all female residency) but also will find a place for the male adult as well.  We will pay one month rent so they can get on their feet and the rest will fall in place in Millie’s angel hands.

Reach out to us if you would like to get involved.




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